Mildred Wirt Benson, aka Carolyn Keene, (1905-2002) published Nancy Drew: The Secret of the Old Clock in 1930. Benson authored the first 23 Nancy Drew books.

I have read a few of the original series and some of the more contemporary versions as well as Junior novels. We’ve seen all the movies and I’m sure at some point I saw the TV show (along with the Hardy Boys). If you have never played one of the 33 Nancy Drew Adventures games by Her Interactive–you are missing out! I stumbled upon #13 Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon by accident one Christmas and we’ve been hooked ever since! Secret of the Old Clock was released as the 12th game in the series.


Author: snipewife

I am married to a member of the U.S. Merchant Marine. Specifically, married to a Chief Engineer. Thus the name Snipe Wife. While in some circles "Snipe" is a derogatory term for engineers, I use it with pride and affection. Ours is not a unique situation but it is far less common than most. This is for everyone who asks me what is the Merchant Marine and how do I handle the "life."

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