Thomas Rockwell (1933) wrote How to Eat Fried Worms in 1973. Rockwell is the son of famous American painter Norman Rockwell. The book made it the big screen in 2006 starring Luke Benward. An animated version aired on CBS Storybreak in 1985.

**As of right now (6/2/17) I am trying to confirm Rockwell’s place of birth. Famous Birthdays says Vermont and other sources say New York and he grew up in Vermont. Consequently, I have not found another native-born author from Vermont.



Currently, we do not have a native-born Arizona children’s book author. If you were born in Arizona and have published a children’s book, please let us know.

That being said, we cannot overlook the great Barbara Park (1947-2013) who was born in New Jersey but lived and died in Arizona. She published her first Junie B. Jones book in 1992.

Websites for more information on Barbara Park: