David Shannon (1959) wrote and illustrated How Georgie Radbourn Saved Baseball in 1984. Shannon also writes and illustrates the popular No David series.

No David Shannon




Patricia MacLachlan (1938) wrote Through Grandpa’s Eyes in 1980. She is the author of the Sarah, Plain and Tall series (1985).

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Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867-1957) published Little House in the Big Woods in 1932. There are 8 books in the original series with a 9th book published after her death and was unfinished. There are numerous spin-off series. The television series based on the books, Little House on the Prairie, starred Melissa Gilbert and Michael Landon. It aired for 9 seasons from 1974-1983. There is some speculation that Wilder’s daughter, Rose Wilder Lane, co-authored or wrote entirely the books attributed to Wilder.

Little House Books

I devoured these books as a child. I found them easier to read than Canadian author L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables at the time I attempted both. So much so that it would years later before I would try them again. I of course grew up on the books and the TV series. I was a bit disappointed when my daughters’ attention was not held by these classics. These are a close second to my all-time favorites by Louisa May Alcott.


Stephen Cosgrove (1945) began his Serendipity series in 1973. There are currently 70 different titles in the series, the most recent published in 1995, and all illustrated by Robin James. Each book comes with a moral issue tagline, covering such topics as growing up, disabilities, abuse, fear, friendship, prejudice, gossip, and helping the environment. Both Serendipity and  Little Mouse on the Prairie were made into an anime series and cartoon series respectively. Many titles have been translated into Spanish.

Stephen Cosgrove


My first Serendipity book was Nitter Pitter, written in 1978. The moral of the story is “Vanity can cost you friends.” I loved gorgeous and vibrantly colored illustrations by James. I loved the story of the vain horse. It began a life-long love affair with the whole series. When I had children I made it a mission to obtain copies of as many of the the Serendipity books as possible. I have made a good dent on the 70 titles but sadly some are so rare and so expensive that my collection is incomplete. My children now share my love for these charming tales as well.


Thomas Rockwell (1933) wrote How to Eat Fried Worms in 1973. Rockwell is the son of famous American painter Norman Rockwell. The book made it the big screen in 2006 starring Luke Benward. An animated version aired on CBS Storybreak in 1985.

**As of right now (6/2/17) I am trying to confirm Rockwell’s place of birth. Famous Birthdays says Vermont and other sources say New York and he grew up in Vermont. Consequently, I have not found another native-born author from Vermont.